Saturday, January 16, 2016

Do you boot knife?

As in, do you edc(everyday carry) a boot knife?  I have a couple of smaller neck knives that fit well among a couple pair of my boot's paracord laces.  Their sheaths have eyelets just for such uses.  With pants legs covering the tops of the boots, the knives remain out of sight and unnoticed except for maybe when you sit down and your britches rise up or you purposely access the blades for cutting needs.

The neck knife on the tan boot was a gift from a friend a few years ago and I bought the other MTech neck knife online.

I'd previously had knot work tied around the knives/sheaths for decorative and useful spare paracord on them when worn on ball chain necklaces, but removed that work to allow access to the lacing eyelets.  I may still go back and add some Spanish ring knots or gaucho knot interweaves to them...

I've seen some nice custom sheaths made for larger boot knives to fit on the sides of boots, some may have clips and others look to have longer laces running all the way around the boot securing the sheaths, googling can bring up varied results.

If fixed blades are a legal issue where you live, some folks might make sheaths with kydex or leather with eyelets for lacing with a boot for a favorite folding pocket knife, like a Swiss Army Knife.

For me the smaller/shorter neck/boot knives are a backup to another edc pocket or belt sheath worn knife so I don't need a larger full size boot knife/dagger that can be harder to access if you have to pull your pants legs up higher to clear the handle.

I bought the tan boots at wallyworld several years ago, now a discontinued model, Brahma Sahara Light/Medium Duty Work Boots. The outside of the boots have held up better than the insides, as the insoles have had to be replaced and the inner fabric lining is worn out and coming apart, but they fit my 13 extra wide feet, so I bought 'em when I tried 'em on.  Although sometimes my feet swell up (diabetic edema) to the point I can't get them on at all.

The nicer Dunham hiking boots would be great if they were only wider.  I'd found them lightly used on ebay, size 13 2E and took a chance they'd fit.  I can wear them with socks when I'm dehydrated and have no foot swelling, lol...

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