Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cutout Cross Shield Pendant with Sailors Cross Knot

I used some 0.9mm cord to tie a Sailor's Cross Knot around the cross of this cutout shield pendant.

The red color of the cord was a bit light after tying with it, so I touched it up with a red sharpie marker.

I replaced the ball chain necklace that came with the pendant with navy blue paracord.  Can't decide if I like the pendant better as an edc necklace or keychain fob...

For those that find tying the two bight cross to be fairly easy, might want to try a more challenging one from 'The Ashley Book of Knots", #1397.  Chris Benco made a tutorial for it that Vince Brennan shared on the Frayed Knot Arts website.  Enjoy!



Lane M said...

What's the skeleton tool on your keyring in the photo?

Stormdrane said...

It's a one-piece
multitool skull prybar/bottle opener/screwdriver/wrench. The one in the photo is a titanium version, but there are also less expensive steel ones available.