Friday, April 29, 2016

Swiss Chocolate Brown...

Trying to catch up with several ongoing projects from the last couple of months...  Swiss Bianco sent me one of the new Limited Edition Victorinox Harvester Swiss Army Knives with Swiss Chocolate Brown Alox scales.  A nice addition for any knife collection or edc use.  I hope to visit with Roger at his booth again this year at the Blade Show in Atlanta this June.

A few more spool knit lanyards for ID badges/wallet leash/keychain tether/knife/multitool/gadget retention, using #95/Type I size paracord, that I tied with some of the skull beads Schmuckatelli Co. had sent me, using the Spartan, Sabertooth, and Mini Jester skull beads.

For this size cordage, I like the pins/nails on the spool set between 3/4" to 7/8" for a pattern that's not too tight and stiff and not too loose to easily snag and get individual loops pulled out of sorts.  You really have to experiment to see what you like best as cord and spool variables give different final results.

For the two-peg spool knit lanyards shown, working directly from a long hank or spool of paracord that I know has at least 35 feet or so left (to be on the safe side), I fed two feet of cord through the spool, knitted a 36 inch length for the neck section, measure out two more feet of cord after that and then cut that working end.

I bring the start and end sections together and slide on a split ring for attachment (you can use a carabiner or swivel clip, etc.) over the two end strands, and set it at two inches from the end of the knitted sections, then tie a Solomon bar/cobra stitch/Portuguese sinnet back up to the knitted ends, and then the double Solomon bar/king cobra stitch back down to the split ring, and tuck/pull the working ends under the knot work with hemostats/marlinspike, and finally trim off any excess to finish.

And an upcoming blog post will show some projects done with some new County Comm items they'd recently sent me to play with, including the Ultimate EDC Capsule, Titanium Peanut Lighter XL, and the A/B Cache Dual Compartment Capsule, with a hank of International Orange paracord.  

I'm an Amazon affiliate, so 'Thank You!' to those that shop there through my links, since I receive a small commission from sales through those links posted in my blog.

If you need an edc backpack, check out the limited edition VENOM and VENOM RED mochi drawstring backpacks with Stormdrane logo, which I receive a percentage of sales from, each having a stiched paracord handle that I worked with Mochibrand for the design.


Shannon Wessinger said...

I have an unrelated question to this post. I was curious what you would recommend to paracord a key. I am unable to grip a key and the things you can buy are super bulky. I'm wanting to use paracord to beef it up but don't know where to start.

Stormdrane said...

You could add a simple loop and lanyard knot to a key to slip a finger through and extend the grip on the key, or a short crown sinnet, Solomon bar, or a monkey's fist.

I used some smaller diameter cord to tie a Turk's head knot around to top of a car key for one of my sisters, which made it just slightly thicker with a textured grip to it...