Thursday, June 09, 2016

Checkered Herringbone Knot

Another item that County Comm sent me in the last care package was the A/B Cache (Dual Compartment Capsule in Titanium).

Like my previous blog post, I followed instructions from Tom Hall's book, 'Introduction to Turk's Head Knots', this time for a Checkered Herringbone knot.  I think it's a nice book to have for anyone seriously interested in learning more on tying Turk's head knots and their variations.

I used black 0.9mm cord to start off tying a 5 lead 4 bight Turk's head knot around the capsule(also shown in my gaucho knot video tutorial, a common base knot for many variations).  I then raised/expanded that to a 7 lead 6 bight knot, then again to a 9 lead 8 bight knot.

The expanded knots sometimes get skewed at an angle on me, so I keep enough slack to straighten them out a bit and from there I worked in the checkered herringbone knot pattern with red 0.9mm string.

With some patience and gradual tightening, trying to keep the knot crossings straight and lined up, I completed this project while watching some Netflix, but I'll probably have to go back and re-watch a couple of episodes(Scream ~ Season 1) since the knot work required attention to detail, lol...

I had started with a measured out three foot long lengths of cord, for both the black and red strands, and after tightening probably had around a foot left over of each to trim off.

This titanium capsule has enough room for me to get about five Benadryl tablets in one end and four regular 325mg aspirin in the other, and the installed o-rings keep out any moisture.

Since some folks will ask about the other kechain items, so also on the edc (everyday carry) keyring are a red alox Victorinox CadetARC-P LED flashlight, USB key flash drive, on a covered cable key ring, attached to a Nissan logo leather key/change clip wallet I'd bought a few years ago, ebay I think.

I'm an Amazon affiliate, so 'Thank You!' to those that shop there through my links, since I receive a small commission from sales through those links posted in my blog.

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jimmyd said...


That is very cool. That knot would look awesome covering the entire thing, well from cap to cap anyway. Love the color to. Very cool.

Mark P. said...

Hey it's prongATO from USN.

If I link to Amazon from your page do all my items count for you or just the item linked?

Stormdrane said...

Hi Mark, The way it's supposed to work is that I get credit for most things purchased on Amazon once the site is visited through my links, not just the item linked. So if one visits Amazon through a link for paracord but they search around Amazon some more and end up buying toothpaste and deodorant, I still get a small percentage commission on that sale.

But, they have so many rules and ever changing updates and whatnot that it's hard to keep track of what I get credited with. The links are only good coming from my blog pages, twitter/facebook and such, so they keep track of where the link was posted.

Some folks try posting their own Amazon Affiliate links all over the place, like comments on other blogs and social media, forums, etc.. but that's not allowed in the terms of service, so no credit received that way and can get an account canceled.