Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Checkered Pineapple Knot

County Comm sent me one of their new Titanium Peanut Lighter XL ™ By Maratac to try out.  I followed the directions in Tom Hall's Introduction to Turk's Head Knots for tying the Checkered Pineapple knot, as seen on the lighter cap.

The diagrams I followed are on page 113, a 10 part 8 bight 2 pass Type 2 Checkered Pineapple Knot, and I tied a longer base 4 bight TH knot to do the same pattern on the body of the lighter, with electric blue #95/Type I paracord and white 2mm mini blind string.  I would have used white Type I paracord if I'd had any, but I think the similar sized shade cord worked out just fine.

The Jig Pro Shop sent me one of their new Knotters Tool II in stainless steel with 3 different sized stainless steel lacing needles stored inside.

This marlinspike tool has a more tapered narrow end spike for working with smaller diameter cord compared with the original Knotters Tool.  I just had to take care when using it with paracord since the smaller tip could catch/snag the paracord's outer sheath threads if I wasn't careful, but really like this version better since it can work with a wider range of cord sizes.

I used some 3/32" leather lace to tie the gaucho knots around the grooves of the tool, and three-strand flat braided some of the leftover end strands to make a fingerloop at the lanyard hole, tied with a two-strand footrope knot.


For another project I used one of those inexpensive 1 AA battery or 14500 rechargeable lithium cell LED zoomable flashlights that I'd bought a couple of years ago(probably ebay for under $4), where the rechargeable battery cost twice as much or more than the light, lol.   

But, it still works well with its flood to spot adjustable beam, so it does get used occasionally, even if it's just to go fetch the newspaper at the end of the driveway at 4AM.

I used some red 0.9mm cord to tie a few three lead/part turks head knots in the grooves of the flashlight body. I didn't count the bights, just kept adding them until it got too tight to do any more...

"ALETO N8" is printed on the head of the light, but that doesn't seem to help bring up any in search results on google or ebay for this specific product, just a few other designs with the same name on them.  The light has the same modes and function as the popular SK68 flashlights, which I still have one of and gave several away to friends/family a few years ago, so it probably has the same internal parts and emitter.

The 14500 batteries that I have are a very tight fit inside the body of this light, where they go in easy, but are difficult to get back out, so I prefer to just use a regular AA battery in this one even if it does mean it's not as bright.

Those batteries can vary a bit in size from one manufacturer to another, just enough so that they might fit in one light and not another. I have an EagleTac and Nitecore version of the 14500 which are also slightly too big for another light that is also supposed to use them (Sunwayman R10A) and have seen mention by others on CandlePowerForums that some batteries fit and others do not, being wider or longer than necessary.

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