Sunday, September 18, 2016

Paracord Fusion Ties Backpack Edition

I recently received a new copy of Paracord Fusion Ties - Backpack Edition straight from the knotty genius himself, J.D. Lenzen.  The foreword for this volume was written by Jim "Coop" Cooper.

The new book is a compact compilation of selected paracord projects from three of his previous full size books, Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 1, Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 2, and Paracord Project Inspirations.

The smaller footprint of the book allows it to be easily taken along, in an edc pouch or backpack, to use a reference tool for tying any of the clearly pictured instructionals within.

One of the 'how to' selections is a 'Round Crown Sinnet (Key Fob)', which is one of the first decorative type knots I learned to tie years ago, and still find myself tying from time to time.

I made this navy blue and neon orange paracord round crown sinnet pocket knife fob, doing just a few modifications from JD's tutorial, by making a longer starting loop for attachment, inserting a 1/8" x 2" long firesteel in the center of the sinnet as I tied, and finishing with a crown and wall knot that can be untied to retrieve the firesteel should it be needed in a camping, emergency, survival, zombie apocalypse type situation.

The paracord project inside my backpack is one I'd started on several months ago for LordDraconical, the Nerf vampire.  It's been finished for a while, but I still need to deliver it.  I'll share more about it in a future blog post. ;)

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If you need an edc backpack, check out the limited edition VENOM and VENOM RED mochi drawstring backpacks with Stormdrane logo, which I receive a percentage of sales from, each having a stitched paracord handle that I worked with Mochibrand on for the design.

I tied a couple more round and square crown sinnet keychain fobs with navy blue and neon orange paracord while watching the Auburn football game on Saturday evening (team not looking to good so far this year, but 'War Eagle!' anyway).  These were made for my Ma & Pa, as they recently celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary on September 16th. They're both graduates of Auburn University.

Added a couple of cross lanyard beads that I'd bought at Hobby Lobby either last year or the year before and had forgotten about them as they were mixed in with a pile of all kinds of other gadgets, gear, and gizmos in a gadget drawer.

I tied gaucho knots as whipping under the beads with white 0.9mm string, although the beads weren't likely to move/slide since it was a bit of a chore to fit(push/pull) the four ends strands (ungutted paracord) throught the bead holes on them.  I gave those keychain lanyard/fobs to Ma and Pa (both Auburn University graduates).

Someone at my folks church had given them a cross charm bracelet, tied with 1mm sized cord with the Solomon bar/cobra stitch/Portuguese sinnet with an adjustable closure and they'd given me that when they got home from church.  I took the adjustment section off and tied a paracord bracelet over/around that bracelet with the cross charm centered in the pattern and with a spare metal side release buckle I'd had leftover from older projects.  Gave the finished navy blue and orange paracord bracelet with white stitching to Ma as an early b-day present, War Eagle!

I used the 'Manny Method' to join navy blue and orange cord and tied the cobra stitch/Solomon bar pattern over that smaller corded bracelet with the cross centered, and then went back and stitched white 0.9mm cord along the side edges. I'll give this to Ma for an early birthday present for her (Sept 27).  I'd just guessed at a size, measured about 7.5 inches long with the metal buckle ends, and it luckily fit her wrist.  Also added a short paracord fob onto an old Gerber AR pocket knife I've had for a long time, with a reflective orange gaucho knot over a wooden lanyard bead.  I like the knife, but it's just one I rarely carry and keep in the gadget drawer collection.

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