Friday, September 16, 2016

Gaucho'd Shard

I recently ordered a couple of Gerber Shards which arrived in the mail today, and have already tied a red and black gaucho knot on one of them with 0.9mm cord.  The red looked a little faded after working and tightening the knot, so I touched it up with a red Sharpie marker to deepen the color.

Here'a a link to a blog post from a few years ago with some past knot work done on a few Gerber Shards.  I kept one and it gets rotated with the edc keychain setup and some of my other prybar type tools, like the Leatherman Brewzer.

I've given several to friends and family for Christmas and birthday gifts as they are mostly inexpensive as multitools go, durable, and a handy piece of kit to have around.

And another Shard shown with a gaucho knot tied with some 1.8mm orange reflective line that I'd bought on ebay a while back and hadn't used on any projects yet.  The cord has a reflective tracer thread running through the outer sheath of the cord. Type I paracord might also be used for a wrap on the Shard, but I find the finished knot a bit thicker than I prefer, but some folks might not mind it.


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Scot Metcalf said...

Hey David what size fid do you use for micro and nano cord? What do you use for the tightening process? Really appreciate you

Stormdrane said...

I use the smaller of the Perma-Lok Lacing Needles (model 1193-01) and a clay stylus as an improvised marlinspike to tighten up the knot.