Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gaucho'd Zippo

It's been a while since I tied any knot work around a Zippo lighter, and I have a couple of new in the box street chrome models in the gadget drawer, so I pulled one out and proceeded to wrap the top lid and bottom sections.

I used about 10 feet (started with an 11 foot length) or so of 1.4mm nylon cord to tie a doubled gaucho knot from a 7 lead 6 bight Turk's head base knot.

After tying and tightening, I used around 5 feet (started with 6 feet) of the 1.4mm cord and tied a single pass gaucho from another base 7x6 TH.  So there's two examples of the same gaucho knot, just one a single pass and the other doubled.

I may go back and give it a coat of brush on krazy glue to finish.  The knots seem tight enough to stay in place, but I didn't wrap any extreme tape strips around the lighter first, which would help further secure them from sliding off.  I could probably inch worm and force them off as it sits, but think it'll stay put under normal handling...

I've started on the other Zippo as well, so far just tying a loosely doubled 9 lead 8 bight Turk's head knot.  Still deciding whether to just run another color between the two passes of solution dyed black 1.4mm Handy Hundred cord, or maybe work in a pineapple interweave, checkered herringbone, or a Hansen knot.

That's a small Perma Lok Lacing Needle that I'm using with the cord to tie the knot, very helpful when threading the cord over/under through Turk's Head knots.

And an example of a gaucho knot tied with 3/32" leather lace around my slim camo Zippo, one I bought in the late 80's or early '90's, I think, maybe at Ft. Gillem, been so long I can't recall. It's hard to read, but the date code on the bottom looks like "K  III".

Of course I couldn't leave without adding a gutted paracord wrapped version too.  It may seem a bit bulkier than done with smaller diameter cord, but some folks might be fine with that when tying their own project.

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