Monday, August 29, 2016

Revisiting a fixed loops wrist lanyard...

I can't remember the last time I tied one of these double knife lanyard knots, fixed loops on either side of a doubled lanyard/diamond knot, done with a single strand having the ends hidden within the knot, a fixed size wrist loop on one side and short attachment loop on the other, and then tying another knot over the doubled knot, in this case a gaucho knot.

I have pile of various leftover scrap lengths of paracord and use them up when I can, as with this project using some ungutted black paracord and gutted orange.

I made a wrist sized loop first, then tied a double lanyard knot, and before tightening it all the way up, I backed out one of the strands coming out out the knot, formed a small loop with the other and followed the path of the strand I'd moved.  I have an example of making such a loop with a lanyard knot on the Two-Bight Turk's Head lanyard video.

Then again back that one strand out another turn, follow with the other, doing that one or two more times, then run both of those strands though the knot and out one of the sides, and carefully tighten up the knot.

Once the knot is tight, the ends are trimmed and tucked, and hopefully the knot is symmetrical, or at least you can shape it a bit with your fingers, or roll it on a hard surface with a block of wood, a brick, or book to shape it up nicely.

I tied a gaucho knot with gutted orange paracord around a marker that was about the same diameter/thickness (a little larger is ok, too small is not) as the doubled lanyard knot, then slid it off the marker and onto the doubled lanyard knot, and carefully tightened the gaucho.  The gaucho ended up being spaced out a little bit with the knot underneath being a bit larger than a single pass would completely cover.  I left it as it was, but could have used a smaller diameter cord to follow around and double the gaucho, perhaps a couple passes of black on either side of the orange...

The knife is a Camillus rigging variation with marlinspike, an older USA made version that a knot tying friend gifted me a few years ago.  I've shown it before with other lanyards, although if not here on the blog (I couldn't find it in a search, lol), then I'm sure I shared pics on flickr and on some other various edc/multitool/knife related forums posts. It is a cool knife and I'm sure I've used the marlinspike on it more than the blade.

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