Friday, August 26, 2016

A light and a capsule

County Comm recently sent me a couple of their new items to try out.  There's the Maratac Peanut LED Stainless Steel Flashlight,, and an Aluminum Anodized UEDC Capsule.

The little flashlight has a small groove in the body of the light and I tied/untied a number of different knots, trying to find one that fit just right, using 0.9mm and 1.4mm sized cord, and finally went with a gaucho knot.

The Peanut is small and light enough to wear like a pendant on a ball chain necklace, and is unobtrusive on a keyring/keychain as well.

The capsule is sized like the delrin version I received a while back, but this one being aluminum it is a little heavier and feels like it would protect on another level whatever you intended to put in it.

I'll probably load it up like the last one with a variety of edc paraphernalia.  I didn't want to cover up the nice green anodized color, so I just tied a paracord lanyard for it, with navy blue and orange cord, with a long two-bight turk's head (145 lead 2 bight I think), for a lanyard that's under three feet long, where I can extend a tool/wallet/flashlight/keychain out away from my body while it's still attached.  It fits a couple of paracord pouches I already have made, but I may tie another up just for the capsule.

I've done a couple of videos demonstrating two-bight TH knots, a short lanyard version and the start of the long 4 bight TH.  I started this lanyard on a rifle cleaning rod before moving it off and working the doubled up length of navy blue through it, then tightened it up with the spaced out pattern.

I spaced out the knot work just a bit so the navy blue underneath is visible, using a blue strand that was about 8 feet long to start with, trimming off a foot or so when finished, and had used a 30 foot length of gutted orange paracord to start since I wasn't sure what I was going to tie at first.  I think I had used a little over half of it by the time I finished tightening up the knot work.

A friend had given me that swivel clip a few years ago, and I found it in the bottom of the gadget drawer when I went looking for an attachment to use with the lanyard.  Serving suggestion shown with my multitool, and pocket knife, and I may end up using it with my edc keychain.  Football season will be kicking off soon, so War Eagle!

I'm an Amazon affiliate, so 'Thank You!' to those that shop there through my links, since I receive a small commission from sales through those links posted in my blog.

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tuumartaat buuasin said...

Hello David

I love the Lanyard :D
i think i will try with tan core and olive drab TH :)

I discovered Paracord by accident really,. i made a monkeys fist, and was wondering what i could do with the access rope (pp film i think).

Then i found your knot work.
Been fan ever since.

I'm often really inspired by your works, while i dont make/copy all of your creations, because of the lack of skills, i do get more courage to carry on.
Thinkin': "someday i'll be able to make that."

So thank you for the insperation and your beautiful work.

Thomas Boassen