Saturday, August 06, 2016

Breaking the drought...

First hard cider purchase of 2016, Original Sin, from the local Eagle's Landing Bottle Shoppe.

The neoprene bottle sleeve/koozie was an online contest prize that I won, and it even has a built in bottle opener.  The zipper has a ring type pull, and instead of cutting it off and adding a paracord pull, like a crown sinnet, I left it on and did some ringbolt hitching with a few feet of red 0.9mm string.

The hitching needs a brush on coat of krazy/super glue to keep it from twisting from handling over the smooth metal ring though.

There's a couple of raised sections on the bottom part of the ring that could probably be filed down flush with the rest of the ring, but I just left it alone, working the cord around it.

On a side note, I'd watched Hinterland on Netflix months ago, and the main character often wore a jacket with a similar zipper pull, and every time I saw it on screen, I couldn't help but think it needed some knot work on it, lol...

I used my Leatherman Brewzer one-piece multitool to lift the bottle caps.

Held firmly, it only takes a single pull to remove the caps, so thumbs up on bottle opener function, and it works well also as a prybar, fingernail cleaner and standard screwdriver, kept on my edc keychain.  It replaced the Gerber Shard that had been there for a while previously, also a decent keychain edc. 

I'd added a gaucho knot variation with 0.9mm cord a few years ago after I purchased the tool, and it's starting to look worn, but I figure I'll just leave it alone until it frays and starts coming apart before I decide if I'll add another...

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Anonymous said...

Something else you can do to this neoprene is slide a couple neodymium rare earth magnets next to the bottle opener. This will be more than enough hold up strength and is an awesome addition. I went and found a bunch of these online and really want to create something with them. I'm not a schil for websites, but has some cool stuff that I think I'm going to integrate to little stuff. Thinking about wrapping my TV remotes with some ornate cord work that covers a couple of these magnets allowing for remotes to be organized on a wall mount of some kind. Hope this gives you some cool ideas, I know I have a few!