Monday, April 24, 2017

Charley horse of the fingers...

I was digging through some of my storage totes and boxes while looking for some items in particular, and I ended up pulling some paracord, knot tying tools, and accessories out and stuffing them into a spare duffel bag, so I would have some to work with.

I tied several monkey's fists, using 3/4" wooden ball cores with some old Comlax cord and twisted cotton line.  

I put together just enough of 'em to make my hands ache and my fingers cramp up.  I'll give them to Pa to hand out at the church food pantry/ministry as he sees fit.
I haven't tied much lately, with most of my things packed away to declutter the house before it goes up for sale, and when I go too long without tying knots, I forget how to tie them and have to go watch old tutorials for a refresher, lol.

The realtor and photographer are supposed to be coming by tomorrow, to take pics before the house listing goes up, so there's more last minute cleaning to do too...

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