Saturday, April 22, 2017

paracord and brass

Today's EDC (everyday carry) keychain setup has an olive drab three peg spool knit Type I/95 paracord lanyard with snap hook at one end, and an 80lb test heavy duty split ring at the other for attachment options.

A few brass components include a keychain pen, bamboo shaped whistle, Pico Pull capsule, and Maratac AAA LED flashlight.

I have my truck key, KeySmart organizer, squeeze LED flashlight, and cross shield pendant on a detachable clip for the keychain, so all of the stuff isn't hanging from the ignition when I'm out driving.

The lanyard itself, with snap hook and small split ring, is around 27" long, so there's plenty of reach to use components/keys without having to detach it when the snap hook end is clipped to a belt loop, or used the other way around with a belt run through the loop end and snap hook attached to the keyring.

As an Amazon affiliate I earn a small percentage of sales when folks go to amazon through my links and shop, and that helps pay the bills, so, 'Thanks!'.

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Kel said...

Hey David, really like your EDC Keychain. Having the truck key detachable or the handful of other tools detachable from the keychain while driving is an awesome idea (why didn't I think of that!) Mine's been bothering me for weeks with the rattling while driving. You're a great knot tier also, even if you do have to go back and watch tutorials lol! Thanks for the read, be back again.