Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Easter Nail Pendant

Easter is just around the corner and my pa gave me a small nail/spike version he got at church this past Sunday.  I reckon it was for carrying in a pocket with no attachment point or hole drilled in it, so I tied a herringbone interweave (Turk's head knot variation) around the one he gave me so it might be worn as a necklace or hung from the truck's rearview mirror. 

I used a strand of 1.4mm cord for the knot work, tying a two-strand wall knot with the start/end strands on the back side of the nail, after the interweave was tightened up, before measuring how long I wanted the loop and finishing up with the adjustable fisherman's bend.

I didn't have a small safety break-away clasp or other jewelry attachment findings handy, so I just tied the common bend as a closure, so think 'choking hazard' if tied with strong cord instead of a thin cotton or hemp string that would break easily under stress.

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