Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday's EDC...

Did some tying last night into the morning hours while trying to binge watch a series on Netflix (pesky wifi signal loss interruptions).

I made a doubled Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/king cobra stich lanyard with black and red 1.4mm cord, loop on one end and swivel snap hook on the other.

The first layer was done in red, then I went back over that with black. I probably ended up using around 40 or so feet of cord for the finished lanyard, which is a couple of feet long, but had started with more than that for over guesstimation, so I have leftover scraps for tying some zipper pulls later.

Lanyard shown attached to my 14 year old Leatherman Juice Pro multitool with today's EDC (everyday carry), but I may switch it over to use with my wallet, flashlight, or keychain.

Also in the pocket dump photo are:  ArmyTek Wizard Pro, Zebra F-402 pen, Spyderco Salt I pocket knife, Timex Expedition watch on leather NATO watch strap, and an old Punisher bandana.

There's a paracord (gutted) 7 lead 6 bight Turk's head knot around the flashlight, and a two-strand footrope knot tied with the pocket knife fob.

Giving my 15 year old Streamlight Key Mate a turn on the EDC keychain...

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