Sunday, June 03, 2018

A Paracord Shoelace Tie

I've been asked how I tie my shoestrings and
bootlaces, especially with paracord, since it can sometimes have a slippery texture and may not hold the common shoelace bow knot very well.

I made a short video demonstration, with my point and shoot camera that doesn't want to cooperate with focusing, but you can hopefully see it well enough to follow along.

If the laces are long enough, after tying them, the loops and ends can be tucked up under the crossings and over the shoe/boot tongue to further secure them, so they don't catch/snag on things that might pull them undone as you're trekking though the wilds off the beaten path, or browsing the aisles at your local wallyworld. ;)

Shoestring theory: Science shows why shoelaces come untied.

And an orange flavored EDC pocket dump pic for this Sunday afternoon.

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BobSweetcheeks said...

How did you go about tying the orange gutted paracord on the lanyard?

Stormdrane said...

I first tied the orange long two bight Turk's head knot around a rifle cleaning rod, before adding in the navy blue paracord section that serves as the core and attachment sections at each end. Here's a blog post link where I describe some of the process.