Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Luggage upgrades...

Almost ten years ago, I'd added a paracord handle wrap to a piece of Ma's luggage, using neon colored cord and knot work to help make it stand out from all the other similar looking bags at the airport/cruise ship/hotel lobby and reduce the chance of someone mistakenly walking off with the wrong bag.

I finally got around to removing the dozen metal zipper pulls (almost 2 ounces worth in weight) and replacing them with some 1.4mm cord (doubled Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/king cobra stitch) versions.  Seven done in orange on the outside, that were tied directly to the zippers, and five more in black with loops long enough to ring/cow hitch to the inside zipper attachments.

I also tied a long 4 bight Turk's head knot (21 lead 4 bight, doubled) with neon orange paracord to the side handle (using around 15 or so feet), which previously had a bright yellow duct tape handle wrap on it.

The neon yellow 3 bight Turk's head knot is still on the top handle, and aside from a little bit of surface dirt from handling, it still looks good enough to leave alone.

I thought the orange zipper pulls looked a bit pale after tying, so I went back over them with an orange Sharpie marker, but now they look too dark to me, almost red in color.  Ma said they looked fine to her, so I'll just leave 'em be, unless I get bored and my hands stop bothering me/cramping up long enough to try something else...

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