Thursday, July 19, 2018

Pineapples Akimbo...

To make a closed loop edc paracord wrist lanyard for my Victorinox Tinker SAK and Maratac AAA LED flashlight, I tied an Arms Akimbo lanyard knot, from 'The Directory of Knots', by John Shaw, a knot that is usually tied along a single strand length of cord. Knot #583 in 'The Ashley Book of Knots'.

I brought the end strands of a 32" length of paracord together and treated the two end strands as one, taking care to keep them aligned through the twists and turns of the knot so that they didn't get overlapped and out of sorts when tightening it up.

I also tied a 10 part 8 bight 2 pass type 2 pineapple knot with some 1.4mm cord, tightened up around an old improvised oversized lacing needle made from metal chopsticks.  This was done so that the finished knot would be large enough to pull a loop of ungutted paracord through.  You could also use a drinking straw or Bic pen body as a mandrel to tie the knot around.

Then I gave the knot a couple of brushed on coats of Krazy Glue, first around the outside of the knot and after that coat dried, I removed the knot from the lacing needle and applied another coat of glue around the inside of the knot to make a sliding lanyard bead of it.

This pineapple knot is shown in Tom Hall's book, 'Introduction to Turk's Head Knots'.

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