Sunday, July 29, 2018

Pa's backup EDC keychain lanyard...

I found my Pa's backup EDC keyring setup, tucked away in a spot where it probably hadn't been used in a while, and some of the items were in need of a cleaning and lubrication or replacement (paracord), having tape residue on blades from opening boxes, and some minor surface rust removal needed in the case of the Leatherman Micra and the old Made in USA Swiss Tech gold tini coated multitool (I'd given both of those to Pa probably close to twenty years ago).

The paracord lanyard/fob that was attached to the keychain, a basic Solomon bar/Portuguese sinnet/cobra stitch type, was one that I probably tied back in 2005, and was dirty/sticky where it looked like maybe candy melted to it at some point (in a backpack/messenger bag/satchel in a hot car).

So, I tied a new lanyard in the same style as the old one, using some digital woodland pattern paracord and adding a Schmuckatelli Co. Ona Tiki bead to replace the pot metal bead that was on it, which most likely came from Michael's craft store, wallyworld, or Hobby Lobby.

As mentioned, there's a Leatherman Micra and Swiss Tech multitool on the keyring, plus a Gerber Nailclipper (a design that's had many different brand names on it), Spyderco Ladybug Salt (County Comm exclusive in orange ~ 2011), Titanium Pico Widgy prybar with kydex sheath (County Comm), Titanium Peanut lighter, and I added a small fauxton LED keychain light since there wasn't a flashlight on the keychain.  I thought there was a Maratac AA LED light that I'd given to Pa to add to the keychain at one time, but I haven't seen it around in a long time, so it may be lost...

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I tied a few more, using different finish Cyber skull beads.

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