Thursday, August 02, 2018

A King's Crown Button Knot Paracord Wrist Lanyard...

I tied a King's Crown Button Knot for use with a paracord wrist lanyard.  I extended the center loop section of the knot out, instead of keeping it tightened down at the center of the knot, and added a gaucho interweave knot over a wooden bead to adjust the loop size of the lanyard, shown attached to a Swiss Army Knife (Wenger Traveler).

The King's Crown adds a couple of steps to the popular lanyard/diamond knot, giving one side of the knot a couple of extra bights, presenting the named 'crown' shape.

One should take care in gradually tightening up the knot and working the slack out, so that you get the shape just right when finished, or you may have to loosen things back up or untie and start over.

There are a couple of YouTube video tutorials for tying this knot, one from WhyKnot and another from The Weavers of Eternity.  I'll post both of them below for those that want to have a go at the knot.

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