Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Mora Classic No 2 knot work...

I finally got around to adding some knot work to the Mora Classic No 2 fixed blade knife and sheath that I bought earlier this year, adding paracord to the sheath, a simple woven wrap and neck lanyard, and a couple of knots around the knife's bolster too.

I used about 4 feet of navy blue paracord for the neck lanyard, adding a safety break-away buckle/clasp, with the paracord ends sewn at the attachment points, with about 3/4" of the inner strands pulled out from each side and trimmed, and then the sheath pulled back over them before sewing the paracord back to itself.  The longer neck lanyard length allows it to be worn over the outside of a jacket/parka in cooler weather.  I tied a couple of 0.9mm cord sliding Gaucho knot beads to the lanyard for adjustment.

I used 12 feet of reflective paracord, for the woven wrap, similar to the ones I've tied for pouches/can koozies/water bottle wraps.  The start of the wrap is just above the neck lanyard, integrating it so that it doesn't slide/pull down off the sheath.  The wrap can be removed and re-purposed should it be needed for other tasks.

The reflective paracord looks to me to be between a red and orange color, from a Supply Captain 3lb mystery box of paracord(random assorted lengths/colors/remnants), a gift from knot tying friend, Manny

I tucked a 1/8" x 2" firesteel on the backside of the sheath, for an alternative fire starting method, and it's snug to the point that I'm sure it's not going to accidentally fall out.

On the bolster of the knife, I added three pass Spanish ring and Gaucho knots, in white and black 0.9mm cord.  There's a tiny bit of lip with the blade being slightly wider than the tapered bolster, so the knots will stay in place, although I think  I should give them a coat of super glue or epoxy, to protect from blood(probably my own, lol), fish guts, or whatnot.

The knots on the handle don't interfere with the fit of the knife in the sheath, but I may add a retention loop to the sheath, since the friction fit doesn't provide a lot of confidence in how secure it is...


Tina R said...

I have been following you online for years, and I just want to thank you for helping me learn so much! I found you on youtube when I started making paracord projects, and I have since made some really neat stuff! You're an amazing artist!!

theDsing21 said...

Hey Storm, I'm looking into making a hammock, and I need some advice. What type of cord/rope should I use to make the hammock itself and what do you think would be the best way to tie/make it? Thanks

Stormdrane said...

@theDsing21, I haven't constructed a hammock yet, but a pickup truck cargo net is on the eventual 'to do' list, and one of those could certainly do double duty as a hammock.

Paracord would work fine for a hammock, but smaller diameter cord will work too, since body weight would be distributed over a large area. A lot of the hammocks you can buy are made with fairly thin material, which lets them be packed up into a smaller lightweight bundle to fit in a bag/backpack.

This video tutorial looks like a good one, there are quite a few online, and that particular one mentions that total working time was under two hours, so that's definitely a plus for such a project.

theDsing21 said...

Thanks. I like that design too.